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Radio Frequency Surface and Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices for Mobile Communications, What are Next?
Ken-ya Hashimoto Ken-ya Hashimoto,
Chiba University, Japan &
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Radio frequency (RF) surface and bulk acoustic wave (SAW/BAW) devices are indispensable in mobile communications. Although many decades have been passed from their first proposal, their recent evolution is remarkable. Authorities often taught us that theoretical limits were approaching, but many of them have already been overcome by innovative ideas. Technologies are really market-driven. This talk starts from overview of current RF SAW/BAW devices. Their market was expanded dramatically by their massive use in 4G smart phones, and now the hottest research topic is ultra wideband and high frequency filters for the 5G new radio. Currently use of an extremely thin LiNbO3 or LiTaO3 plate is studied aggressively for developing incredibly high performance SAW/BAW devices. This technology has already been applied to mass production, and demonstrated drastic loss reduction in addition to temperature compensation. Proper choice of the device structure may offer giant electromechanical coupling, super high wave velocity and/or excellent power handing. What are next? We may not know how, but demands are clear. In addition to items given above, size and price reduction, spurious removal, and design automation are also highly demanded. Anyway, loss reduction is crucial in any time, but it is unclear where remaining losses occur. Detailed discussions will be given on this at the presentation. Nonlinearity suppression is also an issue with high priority, but its discussion will be left for the focused session held in this Symposium.