Paper Title
M1 Opening Session
M1-1 Keynote The Path Towards 6G: From Millimeter Waves to THz
M1-2 Keynote Perspectives on Acoustic Filters Found in Today’s Smartphones
M2 Systems & Applications
M2-1 RF Phase Shifters Design Based on Barium Stron- tium Titanate Thick and Thin FilmsPatricia Bouça, Rui Pinho, Anna Wlodarkiewicz, Alexander Tkach, João Matos, Paula Vilarinho and Nuno Borges Carvalho
M2-2 Analytical Synthesis of Acoustic Wave Duplexers and Multiplexers Eloi Guerrero, Lluis Acosta, Jordi Verdu and Pedro de Paco
M2-3 Acoustic Wave Focusing Lens at Radio Frequencies in Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Jack P Kramer, Daehun Lee, Sinwoo Cho, Shahin Jahanbani, Keji Lai and Ruochen Lu
M2-4 Shear-Horizontal SAW Driven Asymmetric Structure of Array Gold Nanoparticles for Reconfigurable Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrum Teguh Firmansyah, Gunawan Wibisono, Eko Tjipto Rahardjo and Jun Kondoh
M2-5 Fingerprint Imaging With Arrayed GHz PbTiO3 Transducers Yuna Koike, Yusuke Sato and Takahiko Yanagitan
M2-6 Magnetic-free non-reciprocity using FBARs (invited) Sunil A. Bhave
M3 Non-Linearities
M3-1 Recent Studies on Nonlinearity in SAW Devices Ryo Nakagawa, Haruki Kyoya, Hiroshi Shimizu, Masahiro Gawasawa, Takanao Suzuki, Tatsuya Omori and Ken-ya Hashimoto
M3-2 Application of the Input-Output Equivalent Sources Method for the Simulation of Nonlinearities in TC-SAW Resonators and Filters Marta González-Rodríguez, Carlos Collado, Jordi Mateu, Jose- María González-Arbesú, Sebastian Huebner and Robert Aigner
M3-3 Interferometric Investigations of BAW Filter Harmonic Performance Susanne Kreuzer
M3-4 Dependency of Nonlinearity on Design Parameters in SAW Devices Thomas Forster, Vikrant Chauhan, Markus Mayer, Elena Mayer, Andreas Mayer, Thomas Ebner, Karl Wagner and Amelie Hagelauer
M3-5 Perturbation Analysis of Nonlinearity in Radio Frequency Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators Ken-Ya Hashimoto
T1 Simulation & Modelling
T1-1 Enabling Microwave-Acoustic Ladder Filters Feasibility by Bounded Filter Reflection Responses Carlos Caballero, Lluis Acosta, Eloi Guerrero, Jordi Verdu and Pedro de Paco
T1-2 A 3D Finite Element Model of H2 Emissions in Apodized BAW Devices Christopher Kirkendall, Pen-Li Yu, Dong Shim, Siamak Fouladi and Chenchen Liu
T1-3 A Modified H2 Emissions Circuit Model for BAW Devices Pen-Li Yu, Dong Shim, Christopher Kirkendall and Siamak Fouladi
T1-4 Thickness Shear Mode Epitaxial (10-12) LiNbO3 (11-20) AZO/(10-12) Al2O3 BAW Resonator Shinya Kudo and Takahiko Yanagitani
T1-5 Synthesis of Acoustic Wave Multiport Functions by Using Coupling Matrix Methodologies Lluis Acosta, Eloi Guerrero, Carlos Caballero, Jordi Verdu and Pedro de Paco
T2 Plenary Session
T2-1 Keynote Radio Frequency Surface and Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices for Mobile Communications, What are Next?
T2-2 Keynote Trends in Acoustic Filtering, New Frontiers, and Orthogonal Markets
T3 Advanced SAW Technology
T3-1 Revisiting Piston Mode Design for Radio Frequency Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators Ken-Ya Hashimoto, Zhaohui Wu, Ting Wu, Yiwen He, Yawei Li, Keyuan Gong, Yu-Po Wong and Bao Jingfu
T3-2 8 GHz Third Harmonic SAW Resonator With Grooved Electrodes in LiNbO3 Michio Kadota, Toshiya Kojima and Shuji Tanaka
T3-3 Towards the Design of Layered SH-SAW Resonators With Inherent Transverse Mode Suppression Ventsislav Yantchev, Kiryl Kustanovich and Yuancheng Ji
T3-4 XBARs & YBARs - Acoustic Resonators Based on LN Membranes (invited) Victor Plessky
T3-5 Laterally Excited Bulk Acoustic Resonators (XBARs): Optimization Method and Application to Resonators on LiTaO3 Natalya Naumenko
T4 Panel – 5G and Acoustics: Quo vadis?
W1 Simulation & Modelling (II)
W1-1 Impact of Backward Waves to FEM Simulations of SAW Resonators Yiwen He, Ting Wu, Yu-Po Wong, Temesgen Workie, Bao Jingfu and Ken-Ya Hashimoto
W1-2 Generation of Subharmonic Responses by Small Particles on RF SAW Resonators Tatsuya Omori, Kazuki Yamamori and Ken-ya Hashimoto
W1-3 Mechanical Transmission Loss of the Sole Bragg Reflector by GHz Pulse Echo Technique With Thick SiO2 Delay Line Naoki Ishii, Takahiko Yanagitani, Keita Kondo and Motoshi Suzuki
W1-4 Epitaxial Piezoelectric Layer SMR Fabricated Using Epitaxial Sacrificial Layer Proccess Shinya Kudo, Satoshi Tokai and Takahiko Yanagitani
W1-5 Experimental Observation of Electron-Phonon Interaction in Semiconductor on Solidly Mounted Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Siddhartha Ghosh, Sinwoo Cho and Ruochen Lu
W1-6 Synthesis Perspective to Technology Accommodation Approaches in Shunt Resonators for Wide-Band Acoustic Wave Filters Lluis Acosta, Eloi Guerrero, Carlos Caballero, Jordi Verdu and Pedro de Paco
W2 Filters & Resonators
W2-1 6.2 GHz Lithium Niobate MEMS Filter With FBW of 11.8 % and IL of 1.7 dB Ziying Wu, Kai Yang, Fuhong Lin and Chengjie Zuo
W2-2 A Winding Frame Structure Thin-Film MEMS Resonator for Quality Factor Improvement Shuxian Wu, Zonglin Wu, Feihong Bao, Gongbin Tang, Feng Xu and Jie Zou
W2-3 High Electromechanical Coupling SAW Resonators Based on a-Plane AlScN-AlN-Sapphire Substrate Kai Yang, Fuhong Lin, Ziying Wu, Danyang Fu, Liang Wu and Chengjie Zuo
W2-4 An Electrothermally Actuated Bulk Mode UHF Silicon Resonator Sepehr Sheikhlari, Hamed Nikfarjam, Amin Abbasalipour, Abouzar Abouzar Gharajeh, Qing Gu and Siavash Pourkamali
W2-5 Coupling Analysis of a Tunable Microwave and Laterally Vibrating MEMS Resonator Siddhartha Ghosh, Danna Rosenberg, Dave Kharas and Cyrus Hirjibehedin
W3 Closing Session
W3-1 Keynote Microacoustics: What’s Next?